Dixiedee Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: Oct 2, 2017!!!

  1. Stephanie Quayle “Selfish”: The song “Selfish,” showcases Quayle’s singing abilities to a whole new level, and it also has a beautiful tone to it. Also “Selfish” is one of those singles that gets to a person in a good way and makes them really listen to each word. The song is a country ballad with little bit of jazz and blues.
  2. Cale Dodds “Lying”: In Dodd’s new song “Lying,” it tells the story of love and promises of staying together forever. The couple believed they were telling the truth to one another and but in these end they were both lying to one another.
  3. Chris Janson “Drunk Girl”: Janson’s new song “Drunk Girl,” tells story of giving reassurance to young men to help drunk women get home safely instead of trying to sleep with them.
  4. Kellie Pickler “It Wasn’t for a Woman”: Pickler’s new song “It Wasn’t for a Woman,” pays tribute to her Grandmother Faye. Pickler calls her grandma a blessing and explains how her grandma set guidance for Pickler when she was growing up.
  5. Big & Rich “California”: In Big & Rich new song “California,” it talks about a guy’s girlfriend and her upcoming trip to California. He is sad she is leaving him and their relationship to chase her dreams in the West Coast.


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