Dixiedee’s Top 5 Songs of the Week: Sept 25, 2017!!!

  1. Ty Baynton “I’ll Never Know”: Baynton’s new single “I’ll Never Know” is about relationships that end and you are never given the real truth why and keep thinking if they are ever thinking about you or if they miss or love you still.
  2. Jenna Paulette “Coolest Girl in the World”: Paulette’s new song “Coolest Girl in the World” tells the story about the guy wanting to make his girl feels similar to the girl in Paulette’s song or you are the girl, wishing you were of the girls that Paulette is singing about.
  3. Marla “Try Telling My Heart That”: Marla’s new song “Try Telling My Heart That” that many listeners can relate to, if they had been involved in a break up.
  4. Sam Riggs “Waiting For The Fall”: Riggs’ new single “Waiting For The Fall” tells the story of a guy being in love with a specific girl for quite some time. The girl is also in love with him and they have known each other for quite some time. In the end of summer they have to say goodbye to one another because she is going to back to school and he is staying back to work.
  5. Frank Ray “Every Time You Run”: Ray’s new single “Every Time You Run,” tells the story about a man who finds his woman always on the run for him. He keeps a eye on her where she is traveling next ad each time it a little further from where he is.


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