Dixiedee’s Top Favorite Songs of the Week: Sept 11, 2017

  1. Dustin Lynch “New Girl”: Lynch’s new song “New Girl,” is a love song that shows a man influencing a girl to leave her current boyfriend because she deserves a better man than him.
  2. Riley Green “Outlaws Like Us”: Green’s new song “Outlaw Like Us” sounds just like you thought it would. Green sings about who going to keep on driving some old trucks and a group of guys are still stealing some girls hearts which all combine great together for a outlaw song.
  3. Josh Martin “Just My Luck”: Martin’s song “Just My Luck,” is an old time story, but it also showcases the different music influences that make up Martin as a musician.
  4. Melanie Dyer “Save My Cents”: The story behind Dyer’s new song “Save My Cents” is about a broken one-sided relationship, where the hopes of “love is not going to cost anything” and the outcome in the end is still a broken heart.
  5. Rachel Fahim “Confetti”: In Fahim’s new song “Confetti” it tells tell story about enjoying someone’s company so much that you do not care about anything else just being with them.


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