Dixiedee’s Top 5 Favorite of the Week (9/4/17)!!!

  1. Kaylee Rutland “Rumor Has It”: Rutland has put out her own cover of Adele’s popular song “Rumor Has It.” Rutland has changed the song to showcase her own voice. Rutland’s verison attributes her country roots and old-style flair.
  2. Sandra Lynn “Hey California”: Lynn new single “Hey California” shares a perfect summer day on the West Coast and all that comes with it like the sun, love and little bit of mystery.
  3. Lexi Lauren “Don’t Text”: Lauren new song “Don’t Text” tells the story about how these days we are all about cell phones and how texting has became more popular than just calling a person. It is still important to actually pick up a phone and hear someone’s voice.
  4. Matt Gary “Back”: Gary’s new song “Back” is about a man’s wish to win back a old lover whose passion he still wants.
  5. Shari Rowe “Southern Spells”: In Rowe new song “Southern Spells”, it tells the story of a southern sweetheart and the tricks she can play on specific male’s heart.


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