Dixiedeetop5 Favorite Songs of August 21, 2017!!!

  1. Tareya “Summer Wheels”: This song has a dashboard drumming cruise tune that is celebrating of a summer romance and introduction to southern beaches and a girl love for a man who loves classic cars. You can expect Tareya solo debut this fall.
  2. Caroline Jones “Country Girl”: On “Country Girl”, Jones openness comes out and she explains how she misses home and things that were familiar to her.
  3. Jana Kramer “I’ve Done Love”: “I’ve Done Love” is compares love to drugs/alcohol in terms of its skill to turn lives upside down.
  4. Chris Janson “Fix A Drink”: Janson is keeping those summertime feel-good vibes again on his new single “Fix A Drink.”
  5. Chase Rice “Three Cords & the Truth”: Chase Rice’s new single “Three Cords & the Truth” is a tribute to country music. The single weaves his story into what eventually ends up becoming a love song.


Music Videos:

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