Dixiedeetop5 Favorite Songs of August 7, 2017!!!

  1. Mitchell Tenpenny “Mixed Drinks”: Mitchell Tenpenny explains when he met up with his co-writers for his new song “Mixed Drinks”, they met at a bar and was watching a girl doing something familiar: drinking away a heartbreak. The song shows a person that is okay in the easiest and memorable way possible.
  2. Jon Langston “Right Girl Wrong Time”: Jon Langston new song “Right Girl Wrong Time” starts off about talking about a relationship. Langston explains the breaking foundation that comes with the cost of a long distance-relationship. Even those everything seem fine between the couple and they were love, the miles separating the two made an offset in the timing of both their lives.
  3. Smithfield “When You’re Gone”: Smithfield is bringing a laid back vibe, with trumpets and horns, on their new single “When You’re Gone.” This song tells the story about a couple who buzzes off one another and cannot help but wish for one glass more of the good stuff to keep this moment going on for a little more time.
  4. Levon “Ms. Marianne”: Levon’s new song “Ms. Marianne,” is a country version to the punk rock song “Stacy’s Mom.” The phrases are flirty and this song is a full story that many country music fans will love to listen too.
  5. Chase Rice “Three Chords and the Truth”: Chase Rice’s new single “Three Cords and The Truth” is country praise to country music. The singer weaves his story of his song into eventually becomes a love song.


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