Macho Mayo~ Sauce!!

~This recipe is from co-founder of “Caliville” Clothing Company~ Chase Lauer!!

I actually created a sauce called “Macho Mayo” and have a bunch of recipes on there, haha. This is my favorite.

Warning: Do not eat this sandwich wearing a white shirt or in front of anyone you’re trying to impress…this sh*t is MESSY!


  • A Bun (unless you’re on one of those wimpy no carb diets, in which case you can just go munch on a head of lettuce…wimp).
  • BBQ Pulled Pork (I used a Hormel Sandwich Maker Kit…it says it serves two, but they aren’t foolin’ anyone).
  • Thick Slice of Swiss Cheese
  • Kosher Dill Pickle Slices
  • Potato Chips (I used Lay’s Limited Edition Siracha Chips)
  • Macho Mayo


  1. Assemble the sandwich… do you really need directions, bro?
  2. Dive in face first and go to town.

The flavors of the BBQ pork, cheese, and Macho Mayo go together really well, and the pickles and chips add some much needed crunch and texture. This sandwich is super messy and leaves you walking away full and feeling like a man should after a meal. Now wipe your hands and face on the nearest towel (or shirt) you can find, and if that won’t do the trick, run outside and hose yourself down, ya filthy animal!

Caliville~ Q & A!!


1.     Hello, can you give me a little bit of background of your apparel line?

When you’re chasing down a dream, wherever that road may lead you, it’s your mentality that can make or break you. Caliville is a lifestyle about being care-free, knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to succeed. You create the world you live in, so stay positive, be present, and enjoy the ride.

2.     How did you decide on the name “CALIVILLE,” and was there any other names that you were thinking about?

Brett Young approached me about wanting to start a lifestyle brand. We had been working together on a few projects for him as an artist at the time, but he wanted something that could live outside his music. After hearing about a couple of the more monumental decisions he made in his life, moving to LA and later to Nashville in the pursuit of songwriting, the name just kind of came to us.

3.     Where do you see “CALIVILLE” in the next 5 to 10 years?

We’re planning on extending the line to shirts and other garments. We’re really excited to start creating a lot of limited edition designs.

4.     What are a few accomplishments that you are most proud about so far for “CALIVILLE?”

We’re only 7 months old as a company, so we’re still relatively new, but I love seeing our hats on people at shows or walking around Nashville. I’ve had so many people ask to buy a CALIVILLE hat off my head when I’m out and I normally just end up giving it to them. I bet there are at least 20 hats out there that came straight off of my head, haha.

5.     Has any famous country artists worn your hats?

We’ve had a lot of support from our community in Nashville. Brett (Young) wears them out on the road quite a bit. I make sure I get some gear in the hands of my artist friends, so hopefully, they wear them!!

6.     What is one of your favorite event (s) to be part of?

Summer Country Music festivals!!

7.     Is there anything new coming up with your company for the rest of 2017?

We have a ton of new gear we will be rolling out in the next month and we’re going to be doing some really cool giveaways when we launch the new line!

8.     What is the first item you ever made for this company?

We did a very small run of hats and hoodies and gave them to all of our friends. This was way before we actually formed the company.

9.     What advice would you give to an up and coming apparel company?

Find other creatives to collaborate with. It’s a tough industry, but it can be much easier if your surround yourself with like minded people all working towards a common goal. 

10. What is one of your quotes?

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

– John Lennon


Caliville~ Their Story!!!


While playing baseball for his former college for Ole Miss, Brett Yong found out he needed Tom John surgery. At this time, the Californian did not know he was a popular country musician in the making, he just knew his journey of playing Major League Baseball was over.

To close his baseball career Young move to Los Angeles to pursue music. Six years later, he took a dive again, leaving his home state to chase the dream in Nashville.

That’s Caliville. Young shares “Life can straight up suck sometimes, but it’s deciding to push through anyway that makes you strong.” Caliville showcases more than Young personal story, it is also about going after what you want and not letting people discourage you. Your journey may not start in California and it might not be about music. But if you give it all you got to make it happen, you are in a Caliville state of mind.

Co-founder Chase Lauer shares that “Caliville represents a journey, but not a physical destination.” Lauer and Young met through music, but it was Young’s work ethic and boldness that inspired the formation of Caliville, combined with a talent that made the song “Sleep Without You” a #1 even before it topped the music charts. Caliville is care free and easygoing and is happy when people do everything to make their own dreams come true. Lastly Caliville, want people to make the world they live in to be positive, stay current and enjoy this crazy ride in this world.



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