Dixiedeetop5 Favorite Songs of the Week~ July 24, 2017!!!

  1. Kaitie Wade “Don’t Wanna Miss”: Kaitie Wade new song, “Don’t Wanna Miss” is a fun, upbeat, easy-going song about letting loose and forgetting about your worries for a minute.
  2. Dustin Collins “Cold Dead Hands”: “Cold Dead Hand” was written as a theme song for any body who owns a gun in American. This song is for everyone who is sick of being the way they are living is wrong and that there is something wrong with them for having principles, values and customs.
  3. Ben Wells “Don’t Cry Mama”: In this song “Don’t Cry Mama, Wells tells the story about how it is hard for mothers to let go of their sons and how they may be so attached to them.
  4. Marie Miller “The Side of Paradise”: Marie Miller wrote this song after having a bad week. So she turned in having a bad week into a party song. The title of this song is from a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Side of Paradise. Miller is a fan of Fitzgerald.
  5. Alex Stern “Anybody’s Almost”: Alex Stern new single “Anybody’s Almost” tells the story about how there will not be any type of messing around and this song also showcases Stern being confident and how she gets to main meaning of this song early on.


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