Dixiedee Top 5 Fave Songs~ July 17, 2017!!!

  1. Kimberly Dunn “Traffic”: This song explains about how a girl is in traffic, and that the time spent waiting gave her some perspective on her latest relationship. She finds out her lover is no good for her and she needs him out of her life.
  2. Trea Landon “A Little Bit”: This song is a great summer jam. It is perfect to listen by the pool, the river or a bonfire. This song fits just wonderful at any kind of summer party too.
  3. Alex Williams “Little Too Stoned”: This song explains the mourning and loss of the true in favor of the world’s fixation with newest trends and fads.
  4. Parker McCollum “Memphis Rain”: This song will make you want to dance and this song is about accepting change and the pursuit of one’s dream (s).
  5. Emma White “Overthink It”: This song is the perfect overview to the singer/songwriter’s. This song also picks up halfway into what appears to a growing courtship. Rather than be like a lot of other artists, White throws her into the moment and requests her boyfriend to do the same.


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