Dixiedee’s Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week: June 3, 2017!!!

  1. Charlie Worsham “Cut Your Groove”: The song’s main message, encourages listeners to make their own mark on the world and showcases Worsham’s recent outspoken opposition to a bill that would of have stopped arts funding in his home state of Mississippi.
  2. Cody Webb “Don’t Tell Me I Won’t”: This song tells a story about how a girl is kind of leading on the guy she is seeing and he is kind of like a puppet and does not see how this is playing with his heart and mind. She thinks he won’t come after her but he will and she thinks she know the real him but she does not all.
  3. Spencer Crandall “I Thought We Broke Up”: This song tells the story on how sometimes, no matter how hard we try to walk away, we find ourselves drawn to a certain person or people that we know are not good for us and we just truly tell them goodbye for good.
  4. Mark Leach “She Don’t Go To Church”: In this song it tells a story about a girl who is a Christian and believes in God, but when it comes Sunday she is not in church and at a local bar and hanging out with a different crowd.
  5. Ashley McBryde “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega”: This song tells the story of McBryde’s personal life and she is toasting to misfortunes and events that would easily lend to be negative, but instead she pulls through and suggests using her mishaps as inspiration for the future.


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