Dixiedee’s Favorite Songs of 6/12/17!!!

  1. Hayley Orrantia “Give Me Back Sunday”: For up and coming country artist Hayley Orrantia, turned her feelings into a song was one way she was able to cope with leaving Texas at the young age of 19 and starting a new life in Los Angles. This is how she came up with her new single “Give Me Back Sunday.”
  2. Sons of the Palomino~ “Countryholic”: “Countryholic” is a 100% honky tonk kind of song that will make you want to sing along to each word of the song. The musicians who are apart of this song have helped to create an era in music that seems to not be popular for quite some time.
  3. Lucy Angel “Public Pool Party”: Summer is coming up shortly and just as the temperatures are getting warmer, Lucy Angel is returning with the perfect anthem, “Public Pool Party.” The single’s laid back sound and catchy melody are just the right mix to forget about the heat of the summer.
  4. Andrew Hyatt “She Ain’t You”: Hyatt recorded this song as an acoustic track, but in this verison he has a full band. It is also so easy to feel the emotion parts of this song. This song is also honest and many people who listen to it can relate to it. Hyatt gets really vulnerable on this song.
  5. Cody Johnson “With You I Am”: This sweet love son pays tribute to the woman in Johnson’s life who makes him just that much better.


Music Videos:

Cody Johnson “With You I Am”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHv-iLlZ66A