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Canadian Country singer/songwriter and pianist Nicole Rayy is a lively and strong force of musical talent. Since Rayy began writing music when she was a teenager, the core of Rayy’s music has always been, first and primary, to showcase herself as being as honest as possible.

Rayy first came on the Canadian Country Music Scene in 2012 with the release of her debut EP “Only Everything.” She recorded this EP with award-winning musician, composer and producer Lance Anderson of Cherry Beach Sound and enlisted well-known country guitarist and CCMA Hall of Fame recipient, Wendell Ferguson. “Only Everything” was a strong debut for Rayy, and it showcased the various range of emotion and vocal range throughout each song. Many Country Music Association of Ontario Award nominations had invited Rayy to perform at different festivals and venues. She has also got the chance to opened up for country music artists like Aaron Princhett and also toured across the nation and been apart of known events such as Maintoulin Country Fest, The Calgary Stampede. Rayy has also got the chance to be apart of the Canadian Country Music Week, with other country artists like Alee, Genevieve Fisher and Raquel Cole. Rayy has also got the honor to perform at the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China.

Rayy’s latest album “Dig” was produced at Noble Street Studio in Toronto, where many other well-known artists has work there. It was released in Fall 2016 and the album continues in the theme of inflexible honesty and tests listeners, as well as Rayy to dig deep down to the expressive core of themselves.

Rayy feels great on stage or in a recording studio and will never stage put in one place for a long time. She enjoys learning new things and she will always keep on writing and singing. If you enjoy Rayy’s music then check out her newest single “Fireproof” which is available on Spotify and iTunes. If you would like to find out more about Nicole Rayy then go take a look at


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