Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week~ 6/5/17!!

  1. Jason Isbell “White Man’s World”: In this song Isbell takes a direct shot at one of the most argumentative topics that is happening in America right now.
  2. Kayla Woodson “Crushin”: This song is on Woodson’s debut EP and it showcases kindly romantic, mandolin emphasized and easy to sing along too.
  3. Zack Dyer “Wishful Drinking”: This song is soulful and is a down tempo single. Also this has a little bit of sad sound to it, which showcases a lot of emotion. The song’s melody is pretty and shows a serious side to Zack’s vocal pitch and songwriting.
  4. Emma Swindells “Flatline”: This song is about living life to the fullest, while not having any regrets. This song is very believable and you could picture it own your head.
  5. Nicole Rayy “Fireproof”: This showcases a strength and courage that somebody is going away. The message of this song I feel many people can relate to it.


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