Chris Stapleton~ Concert Review!!!


So much has changed for Chris Stapleton in the last two years since his debut album “Traveller” was released. Nowadays, Stapleton’s stages, crowds and venues are growing, as seen on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Los Angeles Forum.

At around 9 p.m., the stage turned an amber red color as Stapleton, his wife, Morgane, and three band members started to play the opening notes of “Might As Well Get Stone.” The fans in the crowd started to sing right along with Stapleton and continued on through the night.

Stapleton also sang “Midnight Train to Memphis” from the 2008 debut of his former band, SteelDrivers. While singing this song Stapleton showed off his great guitar skills. It is neat to see Stapleton sings songs like “Outlaw State of Mind” and “Death Row” which showcases his unique country twang that many other artists cannot even reach.

I really enjoyed when Stapleton sang an acoustic verison of his hit song “Whiskey and You.” During this performance Stapleton’s voice was strong and it was also neat to see how far his range of his vocals could go. Next he sang his song “Parachute” which is a mixture of soul and southern rock. Stapleton then performed his cover of Charlie Daniels’ single “Was It 26,” which was potent and lively.

Stapleton’s wife Morgane’s did a bluesy solo cover of one of my personal favorites, “You Are My Sunshine.” Morgane’s pure voice was heard throughout the song especially in the third verse. Stapleton ended his show with more new material, as well as some old favorites like “Fire Away.” This song showcases the flexibility and dedication of Stapleton’s love for country music.

His show started off right around 7 p.m. with opening acts, Lucie Silvas, a British country singer, and Marylands duo, Brothers Osborne. Brothers Osborne played a45 minute set including their own popular hits “21 Summer” and “Stay a Little Longer.” It was a wonderful night of country music with three talented acts that I feel have long lasting careers in the country music scene.

Kevin, Nikki and I “The Three Amigos!!”


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