Kate Grom~ “Heroine”~ Album Review!!!


I am so happy to have up and coming country artist Kate Grom is a part of my blog. Grom, debut album, Heroine is a meaningful and is great to listen to all year long. Also this album is both rustic and improved with a pedal steel guitar and also is has moony type of atmosphere and feels like you are sitting on your back porch while listening to some great country music.

In Grom’s debut single “Whiskey Cry,” Grom’s voice is raw and she is making the song her own and does not sound like any other country artists that I have ever heard. The melody of this song is embracing and the instrument of a guitar sounds great in the background of this song. In her song “Tricks” it is more upbeat, which works perfect with the lyrics. The track “Under the Gun” is one of the album’s most “graphic” songs that is affected and also powerful, when Grom gets to show how high her vocal range can go. “The Storm” is a touching and moving song and the lyrics fit the mood and melody perfectly to the title of Grom’s album name.

This album is enjoyable to listen to and many people can relate to the lyrics of each song. I feel I could listen to this album multiple times in one day and would never get sick of listening to it. So if you love discovering new country musicians like I do then go take a listen to it. If you would also like to find out more Kate Grom then check out her website www.kategrom.com.


Music Video “Whiskey Cry”: httthttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxRcqwCu54KtADsQTDq2qA

Sound Cloud “Heroine”: https://soundcloud.com/kategrom/sets/heroine/s-IpOhq