Top 5 Favorite Songs of April 24, 2017!!!

  1. Natalie Hemby “This Town Still Talks About You”: “This Town Still Talks About You,” which mixes a pop- style with a delicate country instrumentations, that reminds us that moving on in life doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye. What also make this song unique it how Hemby decided to tell this story from the viewpoint not of the leaver, but of the left behind, with the help of graphic scenes and photographs.
  2. Johnnyswim “Summertime Romance”: “Summertime Romance,” is a stunning, pulsing reflection on childhood and courtship that completely captures the innocence and the early stages of a new relationship between two new people, who are starting to fall in love with one another.
  3. Tami Nelison “Don’t Be Afraid”: “Don’t Be Afraid,” is where Neilson lays out all her emotions and share her special bond she shared with her dad from the beginning of her life to the end of his life.
  4. Ruston Kelly “Poison: In Kelly’s song “Poison,” it starts off low key and it is consider a powerful love ballad, that tells a story about the sufferings of a heartbreak.
  5. Andrew Hyatt “Best Part”: The song “Best Part,” by Hyatt tell the story about how Hyatt is trying to comfort and be there for his girlfriend after the death of her father.


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