Top 5 Favorite Songs~ April 17, 2017!!

  1. Chelsea Gill~ “What Kinda Trouble,” which showcases the all-true picture of a woman trying to predict the type of man she is about to fall in love with.
  2. Jade Jackson~ “Motorcycle”: Jackson’s song “Motorcycle” it is about feeling independent and accomplished and restless.
  3. Blane Howard~ “Promise to Love Her”: Howard’s new single “Promise To Love Her,” was a surprise gift to his new wife on their wedding day and was also the couple first dance song.
  4. Genevieve Fisher~ “Take It On Home”: “Take It On Home” tells the story about Fisher and her boyfriend having a night on town, before heading home.
  5. Hailey Verhaalen~ “Girls Night Out”: In this song “Girls Night Out” Verhaalen’s tells the story about being out with her girls for the night and having the best time being together and how nobody else can ruin their time together.


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