Top 5 Favorite Songs of April 10, 2017!!!

  1. Kristy James~ “Push”: Kristy James’ new single “Push” is a really breezy girl power anthem. In the mood of powerful country female musicians like Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris, James attacks the lyrics in this track about taking chances.
  2. Dylan Raymond~ “I Can Be That”: In Dylan Raymond’s new single “I Can Be That,” shares the story of how this guy can be the perfect lover for the girl that he is interested in, it shows his listeners that there are still some decent guys in the world.
  3. Two Ways Home “Take My Hand”: The single “Take My Hand” is about the truthfulness that we have felt lonely at times, woken up in the morning and could not get out of bed. This song inspires to hang in there because for every isolated lover there is another out there who is feeling the same way.
  4. Liz Moriondo~ “Throw Ya Back”: This song compares how there are some guys to fish that just are not ready to be caught and many women has been in this situation once in their life.
  5. Baylor Wilson~ “Turn Around”: In Baylor Wilson’s single “Turn Around” it tells the story about how a girl is done with her latest lover, but wants him to turn around so she can see his face one more time, before they walk away for good.


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