Top 5 Favorite Songs of April 3, 2017!!

  1. Michaela Anne ~ “Living Without You”: In this song Anne sings about trying to move on by herself after a relationship. There is a guitar riff that is showcases through a steel guitar, which makes this song have a mid-tempo flavor to it.
  2. Kelsey Waldon~ “All By Myself”: Waldon in this single takes on the relationship burdens by society and sings about how she can be just fine being single and out of a relationship. It’s a gritty, no holding back kind of song. Also Waldon shares about how a woman doesn’t need a man in her life to be herself. This is not so much a woman empowerment anthem, but more telling society rules to leave women alone.
  3. Caroline Spence~ “Heart of Somebody”: This song main message is knowing that you are not doing your best and knowing that you want to better. This album is an examination of those moments when we are not doing our best, when we are experiencing the best we’ve ever had and knowing that we are doing the best we can and that is enough.
  4. Jordyn Mallory~ “I Found Faith (and Tim)”: Mallory’s new song is fun, different and praises to one of country music’s most talented couple.
  5. Hadley Park~ “Another Bottle of Wine”: In this song Courtney and Morgan explains how girls try to hide their crazy side, but it is no secret that the more wine they start drinking, the more girls will talk and share with anyone what is going on with their soon to be ex-lover.


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