Louie Bello~ Q & A!!



  1. Hello Louie, can you tell me a little bit about yourself before you became a musician?

I am a big sports fan and grew up in Boston playing Hockey. I use to travel a lot to Canada for tournaments and fell in love with the sports. I went to school for Graphic design and am an illustrator by trade. I have two sisters and a great mom and Dad who always pushed me to follow my dreams in life.


  1. How did you get into country music and how did you know you wanted a career in music?

I kind of Fell in to Music. My dad was always touring and had us listening to music and singing at the house growing up. I never wanted to perform until my teens. I fell in love after I wrote my first song and never looked back.  I always a country music fan but was in love with R&B so I decided to mix both of them on this new record


  1. Who are some of your musical icons?

Stevens Wonder, Brian McKnight, Lionel Richie, Frank Sinatra


  1. Is there anything new coming up with your music for 2017? We are continuing to push the record and the first single TENNESSEE. We are also in the studio working on new material and touring.



  1. What is your favorite song off your latest EP “Invisible?”

Breath- There is something about getting caught up in your career and forgetting the ones u love that rings true for me when I was writing this one. We all get caught up and need to step back and breath sometimes


  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years with your music?

“Writing for major artists and touring nationally”


  1. What is one accomplishment so far in your music career that you are most proud of?

Creating this new Country album.


  1. What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Love like there no tomorrow”.


  1. What do you like to do in your free time?                                                                                           I hang with my family, play Hockey, illustrate and work with children in the inner city of Boston.


Louie Bello~ Artist Spotlight!!


Louie Bello is a Boston Music Award winner who can be seen in venues around Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Bello has written and performed with many National Recording Artists. His single “Livin in the Sunshine” was just shown in the top 200 of for the Boston Herald. Bello also won the Improper Bostonian Best of Boston Award. Also he won a Nightlife Award for Best Performer. Bello latest EP “Invisible” came out in November 2016 and his available to listen on iTunes and Spotify. If you would like to find out more about Louie Bello then go take a look at website www.louiebello.com.


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