Top 5 Favorite Songs of March 13, 2017!!!

  1. Desirae Bronson~ “Feel Good Song”: “Feel Good Song,” achieves what its name says, it gives you something to smile about and will keep you smiling throughout the whole song.
  2. Lainey Wilson~ “Tougher”: This song talks about how life can sometime be tough, but this girl is tougher and can tackle anything that comes her way.
  3. Megan Conner~ “Aftermath”: Rascal Flatts first recorded this song, and Conner picked this song because it was another break-up song and she can relate to the lyrics and melody of the tune.
  4. Skye Claire~ “Pawn Shop”: This song is about when the guy in the relationship cheated on his girlfriend and then she goes sales all his stuff at the local pawn shop for payback on what he did to her.
  5. Chelsea Bain~ “Drinkin Alone”: This song is about going out and drinking a couple drinks but you are never drinking alone.


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