Top 5 Favorite Songs~ March 6, 2017!!

  1. Karli Chayne~ “Mercy”: In this song Chayne, is asking for mercy from the guy she loves, because every time she even looks or think about him, she falls apart with love.
  2. Jess Moskaluke~ “Drive Me Away”: This song is fun to listen too and reminds listeners it is okay to shake things up sometimes and to break out of your normal routine.
  3. Robby Johnson~ “Together”: This song is about being with a love one or even more and how you will always be joined together and how lives are meant to be shared together with other people.
  4. Cody Webb~ “She Ain’t Right”: This song tells the story of a girl who may be a little bit crazy but it something’s that works for guy.
  5. Ricky Young~ “Girl Like That”: This tune is a song that a lot female country fans would love to listen or have sing to them. This song would be a perfect first dance song at a wedding too.


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