Nick Hickman~ New Single: “Tipsy” Review!!!


Country artist Nick Hickman has a new single and it is called “Tipsy.” This will be the first single from Nick’s new EP “Let Em Speak” which will be available in April 2017. “Tipsy” showcases strong beats while featuring Hickman’s skill to deliver an R&B sound to his vocals range. “Tipsy” is a song about trying to get over a lover but being unable to truly forget them. It’s also relatable and can make you think of someone that may not be in your life anymore but you still think about him or her sometimes.

Some of Hickman’s favorite musicians are Justin Timberlake, Travis Gritt and George Strait. If you listen to “Tipsy” you can surely hear the his favorite influences but Hickman still puts his own style on the track making sure you know it is him that you are listening to. “Let Em Speak” has four songs and Hickman has been busy in the studio working on the last parts of his EP. I feel this EP will make Hickman stand out in the country music world and if “Tipsy” is any help of what’s to come, Hickman will probably have a very successful year to come.

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