Top 5 Favorite Songs of Feb 27, 2017!!!

  1. James Barker Band~ “Just Sayin”: “Just Sayin” is the newest single for country group James Barker Band. This single is easy going and has a summer style to it. It is also really upbeat and is fun to listen and sing along too.
  2. The Lovelocks~ “Time After Time”: The Lovelocks release their own cover of Cyndi Lauper’s song “Time After Time.” This country duo decided to record this single following a great response to their performance of this song during their Toronto EP release party.
  3. Jeannine Barry~ “Bittersweet”: In Jeannine Barry’s single “Bittersweet,” it is filled with helpless, mellow kind of a sound and Barry’s powerful vocals which sound wonderful in this song.
  4. Lisa Wright~ “Back To You”: Wright wrote this song based on a personal time in her life. This song explains Wright time being back at her hometown.
  5. Catherine McGrath~ “She’ll Never Love You”: This tune is an emotional rollercoaster as it is dealing with matters of the heart. The lyrics are creative and a person can picture a couple that has broken up and the guy has moved on and found a new lover.


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