Top 5 Favorite Songs of Jan 30, 2017!!!

  1. Chloe Caroline~ “Ready to Come Home”: This song is uplifting, catchy and cute. Also I feel whoever listens to this song can relate to it positive message. The song is also featured in the new motion picture “The Great Gilly Hopkins with Julia Stiles and Kathy Bates.
  2. Abbi Scott~ “Love Wasn’t Ready For Me”: In this song it tells the story of how a young girl gets with a boy and thought she was ready for love, but in time she find out she was not and needed to move on from this relationship.
  3. Ward Thomas~ “Carry You Home”: This song is the first track off the group new album. Both Catherine and Lizzy have amazing voices and together they sound even better. This song has a folk sound to it.
  4. Luke and Mel~ “Bad Habit”: The habit refers to a lover who treats you badly, yet it is tough for you to let them go. Also this song many people can relate too because someone has been in this situation or know someone that has.
  5. The Shires~ “Everything You Never Gave”: This song is about member Ben’s father. This single is a powerful and slow tempo kind of song. This song shows a person can be better parent if their parent (s) was not. Ben can especially relate to this song as he just had his first child.

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