Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Jan 23,2017!!!

  1. Nikki Lane~ “Jackpot”: “Jackpot is a rock n’ roll country song that is from Lane’s third album “Highway Queen.” Lane wrote this song after she met her boyfriend Jonathan and how she hit a jackpot in the love department. Her new album will be out on February 17th and will be part of the Stagecoach Spotlight Tour.
  2. Karen Jonas~ “Country Songs”: “Country Songs” tells the story about a woman who likes the simple things in life. This song is honest and truthful that many country fans can relate to too.
  3. Leaving Thomas~ “Waiting Kind of Girl”: “Waiting Kind of Girl” tells a story about how the girl in the relationship wants to let know the guy she is seeing she is not the waiting type and want to know if their relationship is going to go anywhere or if she is just wasting her time and she wants out of it before it is to late.
  4. Lady Antebellum~ “You Look Good”: “You Look Good” is easy going type of song, and sounds different for Lady A. This song is also upbeat and can make people forget their problems and just have a good time.
  5. Sam Hunt~ “Drinkin’ Too Much”: “Drinkin Too Much” is an apology note to Hunt’s girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler. Even those two are back together; their original breakup inspired a number of songs of Hunt’s first album, Montevallo.

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