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In every medium of fiction, there are no situations more popular and anticipated than a crossover of characters or entities to produce a much higher-stakes endeavor. When you let that happen in real life, especially when music is involved, the results are even sweeter.

Enter Blue Honey, a husband and wife duo in Nashville, TN. Blue Honey is the result of the combined efforts of individually lauded performer/songwriters Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan, who are each no stranger to attention and success as artists. “We’ve always gotten good reviews in our separate solo gigs,” says Troy. “When we play together, though, especially as an acoustic duo, the response seems to be overwhelming.” Kassie adds: “There’s something special about it, for sure. We seem to read each others’ mind in terms of harmony, too. It’s so easy to sing with him.”

After a long trial run where the two were just using a simple “&” name for their act, there was a spark to make it a full on single presentation. “We were on a road trip to Ohio to play one of our duo gigs, and we still hadn’t really done anything about a name,” explains Kassie. “I was just looking up random stuff and ran across something about an actual type of honey that has a blue tint to it. We just looked at each other and, in that classic sense, we knew that was our name.” Troy elaborates: “My guitar playing is really grounded in the blues, but I really enjoy singing and working in a country scene. Kassie has strong musical influences from Michael Jackson to Patsy Cline. So, when we get together to pop songs out of our heads, they fall somewhere among Americana, Blues, and Country.” In a sense, according to Kassie, Blue represents their blues background, and the Honey is that sweet, sticky harmony that comes from the Country/Americana.

Both Troy and Kassie have lived and worked in Nashville for a number of years and seen it all, playing their individual gigs multiple nights per week for the better part of the past 5 years. On top of that, each side of Blue Honey have released their own respective solo albums to great acclaim. After writing a collective two albums with many Nashville writers, it was easy to know what they expected out of songs for a joint effort. “We both know what the best and worst of co-writes can be like,” Kassie says. “It’s such a relief to write these songs primarily with Troy. It’s amazing because we really want to write for the song, no matter what happens with them. It’s not important what it could sound like on the radio. We just want to write good music we can be happy with. There’s absolutely no judgement if there’s crazy ideas that come out. Anyone who has ever met us knows that we’re crazy anyway.

The first album from Blue Honey is on the way. Keeping with their combined experience and focused direction, the tunes will be self-produced by the pair. On the production, Troy explains, “We have a fair idea what this record is supposed to sound like beyond the roles that Kassie and I play. We want to push the envelope a bit and not just limit ourselves to basic sounds. Try some new stuff with every song.  We hope to be forever learning and growing with our sound, and to just have a great time doing it.

When the music that Blue Honey finally gets to listeners on albums or in shows, Troy and Kassie just want it to get into people’s lives. Kassie puts it quite simply: “It doesn’t matter what happens to this music as long as people can feel some of the songs and relate to them. We want to make music that people will want to listen to when they’re in the car on long trips or have playing at house parties. Maybe they’ll want to share it with their friends because it’s different. Because of who we are and what we mean to each other, this music is intrinsically part of our lives. We just hope that we do a good job relating that and other people will want to have it be part of their life as well.”


Vocals, Lead Guitar \\ Troy Brooks

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar \\ Kassie Jordan


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