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Lindsay Elizabeth Ell was born on March 20, 1989. Ell is a country singer, songwriter and guitarist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her music combines elements of rock, blues and pop within the country genre.

Ell started playing the piano at just six years old and her music abilities expanded from there. At the age of eight, Lindsay fell in love with the guitar after discovering her dad’s collection at her childhood home. She began writing her own songs at the age of ten. After graduating high school early she attended the University of Calgary where she studied business. She also attended Berklee College of Music.

Some of Ell’s musical icons include John Mayer, Keith Urban, Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix. Her favorite guitars to play are a custom Les Paul Goodness and Martin acoustic.

Lindsay was discovered by Randy Bachman when she was fifteen and signed with his label, Ranbach Music. Bachman co-wrote and produced her first album “Consider This” which came out in 2006. She then toured with blues guitarist Buddy Guy in 2008. Ell’s second album “Alone” was released in 2009 with a more acoustic sound.

Lindsay has said her first songwriting trip to Nashville brought her back to her country roots. She continued to travel back and forth from Calgary to Nashville for a few years to be part of different songwriting sessions. At the age of 21, she moved to Nashville and was signed with Stoney Creek Records.

In December 2013, her first official single, “Trippin on Us” debuted as the most added song for country music radio in both Canada and the U.S. Ell since has been named a “true triple threat” by Guitar World.

Ell made her Grand Ole Opry debut in April 2014 and has since made several appearances on the historic show. In 2015, she released her single “By the Way” which became quite popular on many country radio stations. Her latest album “All Alright” came out in late 2016 and is gathering more buzz this year.

In December 2016 I was lucky enough to see Ell at a local showcase in Los Angeles put on by Boots on Stage. When I met her she was happy to learn that I really enjoy her music and wanted her to be part of my blog. My favorite parts of Ell’s performance was when she covered Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Each cover she did included some great guitar solos to highlight her instrumental talents. During her set, she shared how she played with her father in the start of her music career and how she was looking forward to having some time off for the holidays.

If you would like to listen to Ell’s music it is available on iTunes and Spotify. If you would like to find out more about Lindsay Ell then check out her website


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