Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Jan 16, 2016

  1. Lanie McAuley~ “Pour Me One More”: In Lanie McAuley’s single “Pour Me One More,” it is about McAuley was getting over heartbreak and the song was very healing to her. She thinks everyone can relate to the feeling of being consumed by a broken heart, and having that moment when you finally decide to move on.
  2. Clark Manson ~“3 Wishes”: Clark Manson’s new single “3 Wishes” will probably be struck in your head after hearing it only one time. This song is feel good song about being in love and nothing else really matters.
  3. Travis Collins~ “Call Me Crazy”: Travis Collins’ new single “Call Me Crazy” is inspired by suicide. This song I feel we can relate it by losing someone close to us suddenly. It feelings of still being able to feel their presence around you in your daily life. Also this single is powerful and will make you cry a tear or two.
  4. Tiffany Houghton~ “Hello Sailor”: Tiffany Houghton’s new song “Hello Sailor” is similar to the classical song “Jingle Bells.” Houghton makes her own cute lyrics and explains how she is going to miss her family Holiday party to be with her sailor.
  5. Lindsay Broughton~ “We Don’t Mix”: Lindsay Broughton new single “We Don’t Mix” is about a crush that is not going to work out. This song is easy to sing along too with your friends.


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