Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Jan 9th,

  1. Bailey Bryan~ “Own It”: “Own It,” is a pop country song written by Bryan, Dennis Matotsky and Casey Brown. This song comes from Bryan’s own personal experiences with finding your true self and finding out the person you want to be. When Bryan was only 16 years old she had surgery for scoliosis. This surgery had changed her both in physical and emotional ways. Lastly this put Bryan’s outlook on life to be more confidence.
  2. Courtney Marie Andrews~ “How Quickly Your Heart Mends,” Andrews grieves a lover who has moved on too fast, in this song you can tell she is hurting more for the brief nature of the romance than any single guy.
  3. Shannon LaBrie~ “Alcohol”: In Shannon LaBrie’s song “Alcohol” is a dark and wild ballad. This song is about addiction, love and the dangerous way in which these two things sometime interest one another.
  4. Electra Mustaine~ “Life Is Good”: Mustaine, Nathan Chapman and Blair Daly wrote this song. Mustaine sings about sunshine, blue skies, Ray Bans and having a good time in the summer. Also this song makes a person feels good inside.
  5. Chris Bandi~ “Man Enough Now”: In Chris Bandi’s new song “Man Enough Now” is filled with true emotions. For the ladies, this song rings true, when their man comes back after some time apart and realizing his faults and asking for a second chance. For the men, this song, shows even those you don’t want to admit it, you have probably felt this way at one time or another, and if you have not yet, you will eventually.


Music Videos of Each Songs: