TOP 5 Songs~ Dec 26, 2016

  1. Lauren Jenkins~ “My Bar”: Lauren Jenkins is a country singer and her single is called “My Bar.” Jenkins new song is about an ex who broke her heart, and comes into her favorite bar with a new girl. She explains how her ex can do anything he want but cannot take the bar away from her.
  2. Shea Fisher~ Tattoo”: Shea Fisher’s song “Tattoo explains how a relationship when it is over is always hard to move on. Fisher also shares how your ex lover may be gone from your life, but you can still feel them around or think of happy times.
  3. Walker McGuire~ “Til Tomorrow”: Walker McGuire, comprised of Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire. The duo song “Til Tomorrow,” is about the feeling you get when you out and try to drink to forget. But always remember, any drink is not temporary fix. Walker, McGuire co-written this song with Brian Carper and Trey Matthews.
  4. Clark Manson~ “3 Wishes”: Clark Manson’s song “3 Wishes” is for sure to be stuck in your head after only listening to it one time. This song showcases how we all want a perfect summer night and Manson gives it to us in this tune.
  5. Jared Wade~ “We’ve Got The Summer”~ In Jared Wade’s “We’ve Got The Summer”, explains coming home from the home and re-kindled a old lover. This song has a uptempo beat to it and also show how in the summer you can let loose and feel carefree.


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