Top 5 Favorite Songs-Dec 19, 2016!!!

  1. Caroline Jones~ “Tough Guys”: Caroline Jones new single “Tough Guys” tells a story of calling out all the pretenders who think you should be different, so they can feel better about themselves. It is a trap that we all fall into from time to time, while trying to change ourselves to please others or trying to change others to please our own selves. The lyrics are really feisty and this song helps you learn how to feel confident in being your own person, it seems ridiculous that a person’s opinion could have a hold over you.
  2. Maddie Wilson “Love Likes Theirs”: In Maddie Wilson new song “Love Likes Theirs” tells the story of asking God for only thing. And that thing is finding the man of her dreams. This song describes being genuine and having a rare kind of love that a lot people thinks does not exists, but maybe they have not been or found their true lover yet.
  3. Post Monroe~ “Half Hearted”: Post Monroe new single “Half Hearted” is a catchy, tuneful rhyme to romance, but it is not your typical love song. The sassy tune has an important message for all the significant others out there who cannot seem to commit to a relationship. Post Monroe is a trio group with Shelby McLeoad, Whitney Duncan and Ashley Hewitt.
  4. Kelly Willis~ “Flower on the Vine”: Kelly Willis new song “Flower on the Vine” is a slow and simple kind of tune that showcases Willis’ vocals. This song takes it time and is really relaxing, but the lyrics of the song show many emotions throughout the entire thing.
  5. April Kry~ “Get Ready To Miss Me”: April Cry’s song “Get Ready To Miss Me” was inspired by her roots and growing up listening to strong country female singers like Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Kry thought this song would be a great single that could inspire the listener and make them stand up for they wanted.


Music Videos of Each Song:


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