Boots on Stage~ Holiday Shindig!!!


On December 11, 2016, Boots on Stage presented a “Holiday Shindig” showcase at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles. The lineup for this show featured up and coming country artists Tim Hurley, Sophia Scott, Caleche Ryder and Lindsay Ell. Since opening in 2000, The Hotel Café has featured famous musicians such as John Mayer, Adele, Sara Barellies and Katy Perry.

The first performer that I saw play was country songwriter, guitarist and singer, Lindsay Ell. Ell was born on March 20, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lindsay permanently moved to Nashville when she was 21 and signed with U.S. based record label Stoney Creek Records. My favorite parts of Ell’s performance was when she covered Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Each cover she did included some great guitar solos to highlight her instrumental talents. During her set, she shared how she played with her father in the start of her music career and how she was looking forward to having some time off for the holidays. Ell also played some of her own songs like hit single “By the Way” as well as her newest single “All Alright.” I also had the privilege of meeting Ell after the show; she was really sweet and happy to hear that I am a fan of her music. If you want to hear some great country music then checkout her music on Apple Music and Spotify. In 2017, Ell will be an opening act along with Chase Bryant for Brad Paisley’s Life Amplified World Tour. Also if you want to find out more about Lindsay Ell, check out her website


The last performer of the night was my favorite new country artist, Caleche Ryder. Ryder grew up riding horses in San Diego County. She then moved to Reno where she became Miss Nevada in 2007. She is now living in Los Angeles with her husband Eric and continuing to work on her music. My favorite part of her set was when she did a cover of Jason Aldean’s song “She Country.” I think it is neat when a female or male musician sings a song that was first recorded by a person of the opposite sex. I was also happy to hear some of my favorite songs of hers like “Get Down” and “After Party.” It was also cool to catch up with Ryder after her performance. I could tell she was happy that my sister and I came out see her again. I hope there are more good things coming up in Ryder’s career in 2017. If you want to listen to some of Ryder’s music then tune into listen on Apple Music and Spotify. Also Ryder has a new Christmas EP that is perfect to listen to during this time of year. If you want to find more about Caleche Ryder, check out her website


This showcase was a great way for Boots on Stage to wind up their 2016 shows. I had a great time seeing Lindsay Ell and Caleche Ryder. It was a wonderful to see some up and coming country artists sings their own songs and covers. I cannot wait to see what Boots on Stage has in store for 2017. To find out more about Boots on Stage checkout their website





Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Dec. 12!!!

  1. Ryan Follese~ “Put a Label on It”: In Ryan Follese’s new single “Put a Label on It”, he brings a new perspective to a country music. In this song he tells the moment when a relationship finally becomes official. This song is available on Follese’s latest EP “Ryan Follese.”
  2. Farewell Angelina~ “If It Ain’t With You”: Farewell Angelina “If It Ain’t You”, brings together everything that this group does best, with wonderful lyrics and a story that many people can relate to.
  3. Alessia Cohle~ “How Bad”: Alessia Cohle’s new album is called “Talk to Me” and her lead single is “How Bad.” “How Bad”, has a great beat and will make you want to get up and dance. The chorus is wonderful written and also a tasteful guitar solo too.
  4. Native Run~ “Asking For a Friend”: Native Run new single “Asking For a Friend” is an elegant, flirtatious happy kind of song. This duo co-wrote this song with Rodney Clawson and Matt Dragstrem. This song is available on the duo EP “When I’m Taken.”
  5. Emily West~ “Date With Santa”: Emily West new song “A Date With Santa”, is about a someone who is having a date with Santa. This song brings a lot people laugh and is perfect to be out during the holiday season.


Music Videos of each Songs:


Ryan Follese~ “Put a Label On It”: