Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Dec 5!!

  1. Alex Stern~ “Runaways”: Stern’s was a co-writer for her song “Runaways” with Danielle Blakey. This song is a mid-tempo love song. In the lyrics Stern encourages her paramour to follow their own heart so they can just be together and by the end of the song, you see him showing some appreciative to her.
  2. Brandon Ray~ “American Way”: “American Way”, was co-written by fellow country artist “American Way.” This song is a perfect arena-country anthem that aims for the cheap seats and showing a picture a small town gearing up for a fun weekend.
  3. Paul Cauthen~ “Still Drivin”: Cauthen puts the pedal to the metal with his single “Still Drivin.” This song is about truck driving around you a small town.
  4. Ellise Davis~ “I Just Want Your Love”: “I Just Want Your Love,” is off Davis’ new album The Token. This song explains the issue that Davis has with the opposite sex. She explains what she likes in a guy, but in the end, she is unsure of commenting a 100%.
  5. Jesse Lee~ “Hotel”: Jesse Lee has written songs for country artists like Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini. In her new single “Hotel”, she is showing how to be a badass woman in the country music world. This single pretty much describes how every girl who has ever been cheated on wishes she could do something back to their cheating lover.