Top 5 Favorite Songs of Nov 28, 2016!!!



  1. Miranda Lambert~ “Tin Man”: Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man” finds the musician in misery and has her heart broken. The song is track Number 1 on “The Heart” side of “The Weight of These Wings”. Lambert co-wrote this song with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. She’s talking to the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, a character who was trying to find heart. Lambert tries to talk him out of it.
  2. Cole Swindell~ “You’ve Got My Number”: This song is a mid-tempo number. Swindell co-wrote this song with Ashley Gorley and is available on his latest EP “Down Home Sessions III. This song has a catchy chorus that will make you feel bad that once again someone is leaving Swindell, but the lyrics clearly reveal a moving story.
  3. Jackie Lee~ “Getting Over You”: Jackie Lee new song “Getting Over You,” is a upbeat pop rock that explains a former couple’s competing break-up experiences.
  4. Indigo Summer~ “Slow Down Summer”: “Slow Down Summer” is the first single from this country duo. This song is very up beat and has a traditional country sound to it. This song will make you want to get up and dance and will turn any bad day to a good one.
  5. Sam Brooker~ “ Stay”: Brooker’s single “Stay” is from his upcoming solo project. Brooker and Brent Anderson wrote this single. The song tells the story of two strangers who have great chemistry. But the strangers only has a little bit of time and decides to see what might be in this one evening. This song shares the possibilities, excitement and romance by taking a chance.


Music Videos of Each Song:

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