My Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Nov 21, 2016

  1. Danielle Bradbery~ “Sway”: Danielle Bradbery has released a single titled “Sway.” This song has a bit of R & B flare to it and whole lot of soul as well. Bradbery co-wrote this song.
  2. Garth Brooks~ “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”: “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance,” is an upbeat country song with many southern rock-inspired guitar sounds. Brooks co-wrote this song, and it is the first single from his yet to be new album.
  3. Aaron Watson~ “Outta Style”: “Outta Style” is a clear country song with just the right amount of awareness. This new single is a love song about 2 people and how some people thought they would not stick together and break after awhile. This song is not so serious, but it is a song that many people can sing along too.
  4. Jamie Kent~ “All American Mutt”: On “All American Mutt”, Kent showcases the differences that keep us unique and the song has a easy going guitar and banjo sound to it.
  5. Hudson Moore~ “Might As Well”: “Might As Well” is a radio ready anthem that snitches up on you with strong instrumental pulse, before ending it’s with a mark of a wonderful guitar solo.


Music Videos of each TOP 5: