Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Nov 14, 2016

  1. Raelynn~ “Insecure”: Raelynn has released a new song called “Insecure.” This song is off her album WildHorse. This song is a response to a night out that Raelynn spent questioning what her husband thought of another good-looking woman. This single is a reminder for women to trust in their man.
  2. Carly Pearce~ “Every Little Thing”: When it comes to a breakup song, wanting that person, who is no longer around, this song stands in a group of it owns. This song is a ballad and it has a way of tying you with the melody from the first chorus you hear and so on.
  3. Dianna Corcoran~ “Thank You For Cheating On Me”: Australian-born country singer Dianna Corcoran, has released her latest single “Thank You For On Me,” to country radio. This song has some great lyrics and bubbly melodies. This song is a true story for Corcoran, and how instead of getting mad with the ex who cheated, she left him and wrote this song. This song helped her to move on in her life and be free from him.
  4. Lady Gaga~ “Grigio Girls”: Lady Gaga new single “Grigio Girls”, has a message that many females can use in their lives, this song is about womanhood and sticking together and being there for one another.
  5. Sarah Darling~ “Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”: Sarah Darling just came out with a new single that should be part of her new album. She covered The Smiths “Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” and it is thoughtful, that is a kind of sound for Darling.


Music Videos of each Song: