Aubrey Road Q & A


  1. Hello Aubrey Road, could you guys tell me a little about yourself before you guys started your music careers?

Brianna: I’ve been singing since I could talk, so my “music career” has been my whole life.  My mom was a Spanish singer when she was younger, but didn’t pursue it, as she did not have support. I found an old record of hers and told her I wanted to be like her, and she immediately put me in guitar, piano, singing, and acting lessons. I wrote my first song when I was From then all of my extra-curricular activities revolved around music. I graduated from UC Davis with my degree in Political Science, and if I wasn’t pursuing this, I’d probably be doing something in the realm of politics

Austin: I remember I was five years old sitting and watching The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Concert on VHS. I had an old beat up guitar with no strings that I would pretend to play along with. My parents finally broke down a couple of months later and bought me a real one. I guess you could say that is when my music career began. From that point on, it was lessons, practicing, playing in the church band and really putting some effort into perfecting my craft of singing and playing guitar.

  1. When did you guys know you wanted to become a country music group?

We both knew as soon as we first sang together.  Austin went to High School with Brianna’s little brother, so he was hanging out around the house often. 

One day Brianna was playing something on the piano, and her guitar was laying out. Austin picked it up and started playing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, and Brianna just started harmonizing to it. We knew immediately that we had something special, but we didn’t really pursue it at first because life pulled us in separate directions.  Brianna moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career & returned to California in 2013 to finish college.  In 2015, once we were both in the same city again, we really started thinking about doing this professionally. 

  1. Who are some of your musical icons?

Brianna: I am a huge fan of Alicia Keys. I really respect her musicianship, the way she writes, and her insane vocals. In terms of country, my sister introduced me to Rascal Flats when I first started listening to country music, so they have a special place in my heart. I really like Lady A and Carrie Underwood. Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of Sam Hunt. His sound is so different and unique!

Austin: I was raised on Southern Rock, Classic Rock and old Country music. The Eagles, America, Aerosmith, Journey, Hank Sr., Garth Brooks, George Strait. Also, the Blues had a profound impact on me. Stevie Ray Vaughan was a huge part of why I started playing the electric guitar and to this day is my inspiration for playing a fusion of bluesy/rock electric guitar.

  1. What is one of your favorite songs that you had recorded and played live?

We love playing any of our own songs live, but Wide Awake is by far our favorite.  It’s such an emotionally driven song and is also a huge fan favorite!

  1. If you guys were not musicians what do you think your careers would be?

Brianna: If I wasn’t a musician I would probably still be working for the CA State Assembly. Otherwise, I’d like to get my Masters eventually in International Relations and teach at a community college.

Austin: Music is really the only plan! But if I was not involved in the music industry, I would most definitely be a sociology professor at a major university. 

  1. If you could do a duet with a singer or band who would it be?

Brianna: I can tell you, Austin would pick Garth Brooks hands down probably! I would love to do a duet with Taylor Swift, her shows are always so fun and the production is always amazing!

Austin: Brianna knows me much too well…. Garth Brooks all the way! And for a guitar duet, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  1. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your guys music career that you are most proud of?

Brianna: I think probably just the release of our EP, See You at the Next Red Light. It’s such a magical thing to write a song and then get in the studio and hear it come to life! And it’s even more special when you get the kind of reaction we’ve gotten, where people seem to genuinely connect to our lyrics and like our sound.

Austin: The biggest accomplishment of our music career is a toss up, it would surely be between releasing our Nashville-recorded EP, and sharing the stage with the likes of The Band Perry, Cassadee Pope and Michael Ray.

  1. Where do you guys see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years in your career?

Brianna: I think the sky is the limit! We’re really just getting started. In 5-10 years, we’d like to be headlining a tour! We want our music to reach other countries! And of course, winning a Grammy wouldn’t hurt! 

Austin: I would hope that in 5-10 years time we would be selling out arenas with our very own headline tour! Maybe a couple of ACM’s and a Grammy or two, that wouldn’t hurt.

  1. If you have to give advice to up and coming country artist what would you tell them?

Brianna: I would say preparation is key! So much of this industry is based in luck, and opportunities arise when luck and preparation meet. People need to see your commitment, and that you believe enough in yourself to invest in your craft, whether that be singing, writing, playing, whatever!

Austin: My best advice would be to not give up when the going gets tough. You are going to get shot down, whether or not you get back up time after time is what sets you apart. Remember, in the great words of Garth, “I could’ve missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.” Enjoy it while you can, be creative, and want that success as bad as you want to breathe!

  1. What country musician has been your favorite to open up for?

Brianna: Opening for the Band Perry was a ton of fun! The energy on stage was amazing.

Austin: I would say opening up for Cassadee Pope. I was a HUGE fan of hers on the voice and love her music to this day. She was so nice and interested in who we were, and where we were on our journey. 

  1. Is there anything new coming up with your guys music for the rest of 2016 or 2017?

Right now we’re spending most of our time on writing more songs!  And in the next few months we will begin touring the state, with shows up & down the coast.  Follow us on Facebook for updates! 

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