Artist Spotlight: Nikki Briar




  Nikki Briar is from New Jersey and music has been apart of her life for a very long time. Her father Joseph was a drummer for a Motown band called the Victorians. Briar’s mother Oksana was a classically trained pianist and artist. As a child singers like Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston inspired Briar. She took part in any musical event that she could in school. In the sixth grade, she was the only female who could play the drums. After learning to play the drums, her uncle taught her how to play the guitar. Briar attended Arthur L. Johnson for high school in Clark, New Jersey. She was also part of the Gifted and Talented program, where she was involved in the musical theater department. Briar graduated Seton Hall University with a degree in Special and Elementary Education and minoring in Music for voice and guitar. After graduating, she taught music to young children at a New Jersey Workshop for the Arts. She also received her master from Seton Hall University. Briar enjoys singing at events for the New Jersey National Guard and is also a proud Army wife.

            Briar latest single “Man’s Best Friend” is available on Spotify, with many more of her past songs and EPs. She has also got to open up for many known country artists like Granger Smith and Chase Bryant. If you would like to find out more about Nikki Briar then checkout her website


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