Top 5 Favorite Songs~ Oct 31, 2016

  1. Tucker Beathard “Momma and Jesus”~ Fight Like Hell: “Momma and Jesus” lyrics tell a story of a time spent breaking rules and pushing limits, both in music and just to have a good time. This song is the second single off Beathard’s Flight Like Hell. Along with being a great guitar player, the singer musical influences come from his childhood of playing the drums. Also this song comes after Beathard’s first single, “Rock On,” which inspired the 21-year old’s first headlining tour.
  2. Alex Smith “Load it Up”~ Fear of Missing Out: Alex Smith “Load it Up” showcases a great wild night with friends and girls that you are hoping will become your friends too. Guitars and Smith’s energy are the essentials of this song from his Fear of Missing Out EP.  Also this song explains the story of young adulthood, a time when what happens after the day is over on the weekend and how it is more important than anything that happened during the week.
  3. David Nail (Feat. Brother Osborne) “Good at Tonight”: “Good at Tonight” is a dancing kind of song that makes you want to have a good time with a bluegrass impacts. Brothers Osborne joins Nail for this mandolin and banjo country anthem. TJ and John Osborne co-wrote this song and Nail told the brothers he would not record it unless they sang it with him. The production of this song is enjoyable to listen to, but nothing hides Nail’s strong vocals.
  4. Morgan Wallen “The Way I Talk“: Morgan Wallen’s “The Way I Talk” showcases a southern twang, but this song is a story that many people can relate too. The lyrics in this single that showcases country sayings like y’all and yonder, but Wallen is admiring everything that make people undine and different.
  5. Jake Owen (Feat. Chris Stapleton) “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” American Love: This upbeat and funky song showcases what the title suggests, a man wanting to be with a amazing women, that another man left behind. Owen states over the soul beat, while Stapleton howls the backup vocals in his signature tone. Stapleton wrote this song with Shane McAnally and Luke Laird.


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Tucker Beathard:

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