Top 5 Favorite Song of the Week-10/03/2016!!

  1. Thomas Rhett “Star of the Show”-Tangled Up: In Thomas Rhett’s new single “Star of the Show” is an defying love letter to his wife Lauren. This song is a mid-tempo ballad that Rhett wrote with his father Rhett Akins, shortly after Rhett and Lauren’s wedding. This song is the first song that Rhett ever wrote for his wife. The song explains how Rhett’s wife is a person that everyone wants to know and how she can always be herself.
  2. Kaitlin Baker “To Pieces”-Coal Train: This is a sad and beautiful ballad is sung from the viewpoint of someone who cannot shake the pain of a bad breakup. Baker wrote this song with Janet Miller and J. Scott Arnold after parting ways with her long-time boyfriend. “To Pieces” is one of the six tracks on Baker’s “Coal Train” EP. Her EP is available on Spotify and iTunes.
  3. Alexandria Corn “Say It Again”: Alexandria Corn new song “Say It Again” is about when a girl and guy friend decide to be more than just two friends. I feel this song shows if two friends have feelings for each other’s then it does not hurt to try something new. This song is available on Spotify and also will be on Corn’s newest EP, which will be out soon.
  4. Adley Stump “Don’t Wanna Love Him”: Adley Stump newest single “Don’t Wanna Love Him”, is a warning for all ladies about a specific guy, who is dating more than one girl. In the song Stump explains how there is one girl out of the group that catches on what he is doing and is not going to let him do something like that to her.
  5. Drew Parker “Slow Down Small Town”: In “Slow Down Small Town,” the newest single from Drew Parker reminds us that even if you are living in a city, your small town is still waiting for you. This song is also great for all the artists who moved away from their hometown to Music City to follow their dreams and maybe sometimes wishes they could go back home.