Top 5 Favorite Songs-Sept 26

  1. Lindsay Ell “All Alright”: Ell’s new single “All Alright”, talks about things going wrong, but how a individual can show happiness into the situation and make the hardest of times, more hopeful. This single is Ell’s second single. Her first single “By The Way”, has over 2 million download on Spotify. So if you are fan of Ell’s then checkout her music on ITunes and Spotify.
  2. Ryan Robinette “Beer Season”: Ryan Robinette newest single “Beer Season” is an upbeat kind of country song. This song explains how the season is now fall and the sport to be watching is football. Also the song showcases all you need around this time is good friends, a good place to party and tasty beer. This song is available on Spotify and iTunes; if you are a Robinette fan then you should probably checkout his new song.
  3. The Lost Bandoleros “Where Do You Go?” The Last Bandoleros is a all male band that showcases its Tex-Mex sound with country music. Their single “Where Do You Go?” is an upbeat song that will have you dancing along while listening to it. This song tells a story about heartbreak that a man has, after his woman leaves him. The man goes out and has to many drinks, to realize she has left him for good.
  4. Kyle Park “Rednecks with Paychecks”: Park’s new single “Rednecks with Paychecks” describes the good time of being a working country redneck. This song is about boys and girls who love their adult toys like jet skis, RVs, and pickups. This song is available on ITunes and Spotify.
  5. American Young “Soldier’s Wife” (Don’t Want You To Go): American Young new song “Soldier’s Wife” (Don’t Want You To Go), tells the story of a soldier’s wife, who does not want her husband to go. This has a special meaning because even though not everyone has a husband in the service, it does tell the common story of how some one can be missing the one they love, while they are away. This song is available on their latest EP “AY” on iTunes and Spotify.


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