Favorite Songs of the Week: September 19

  1. Dee Jay Silver feat. Austin Webb “Just Got Paid”: Both Silver and Webb wrote “Just Got Paid.” Silver is the first ever DJ to be signed to a Nashville record label. He is also the first DJ to play at the ACMs. Silver is known for touring with country artist Jason Aldean. Webb is an up and coming country music indie artist. This song combines EDM mixes with a country sound. The new track has been available since July 15th, 2016 on iTunes and Spotify. This single is a catchy song to sing and dance too.
  2. Courtney Cole “Ladylike” Country Cole: Courtney Cole was recently on tour with Miranda Lambert last year. The other opening acts on Lambert’s tour were Ashley Monroe, Raelynn and Clare Dun. In this song, Cole shows her rocker side but also has a sweet instrumental sound to it. She also shares how she does not always act like a lady but more like a tomboy. If you like this song then you can give it a listen on iTunes and Spotify.
  3. Olivia Lane “Make My Own Sunshine” Olivia Lane:In this song Lane tells the story about how people sometimes has bad days, but it is up to yourself to make it better. I agree that life sometimes can be crazy, but it is also okay to have fun and to not harp on the little things in life. This song is available on Spotify and iTunes.
  4. Lucas Hoge “Boom Boom”: Hoge’s single “Boom Boom” is written by Ben Glover and is an up-tempo modern pop country song. This song tells the story about how people are always trying to find new way to say I love you. This single is available on iTunes and Spotify.
  5. James Barker Band “Lawn Chair Crazy”: The Ontario-based group consists of James Barker, Taylor Abram, Bobby Martin and Connor Stephen. This song is a great summer tune. If you are having a nice day at the beach or just hanging out with your family and friends then this song will fit right in. This song also showcases being with the ones you love, sunny days and drinking a cold beer. The band is hoping to release this song on an upcoming EP before 2017.

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Meet Dixiedee Howdy: Thank you for stopping by my Dixiedee Blog!! I am a brown hair and hazel eye southern California gal living in the LA area. I started this country music blog because I wanted to share about my favorite country artists and groups, delicious recipes. I also do Q&A's and Artist Spotlights with country artists/groups so you guys can learn more about them. Lastly, I love to share anything else that is related to country music.. If you have any questions/comments- then please me email at dixiedeeblog@gmail.com.

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