Sept 12, 2016

  1. Casey Donahew “Kiss Me”-“All Night Party”: Casey Donahew’s new single, “Kiss Me,” is on his fourth album “All Night Party.” This song is a classic love story with a girl waiting on a boy to finally make a move. Many girls can relate to this song’s lyrics. The song tells a story about an outlaw cowboy who falls for a girl, from another town. The boy chooses love and leaves his outlaw life in the past. Both of them try to make their love last, but then the girl is killed with a bullet.
  2. Natalie Stovall and The Drive’s “Heartbreak”-“Heartbreak EP”: Natalie Stovall and The Drive’s newest single is called “Heartbreak” which is on their latest EP “Heartbreak.” This single features an R & B beat. Stovall sings about certain people causing her heartbreak. The song’s unique lyrics sets it apart from other country artists. You can tell this group provides a lot of energy when performing this song.
  3. Jennifer Nettles: “Hey Heartbreak”-“Playing With Fire”: Jennifer Nettles new song “Hey Heartbreak” is on her new album “Playing With Fire.” This song is about a breakup and how the person is still heartbroken over their ex. The song explains how it is in the best interest of individual to move on from a relationship if their spouse is walking over them. I think this song provides strength to females when deciding how to handle a relationship.
  4. Margo Price: “Hands of Time”-“Midwest Farmer’s Daughter”: Margo Price’s new single “Hands of Time” is available on her EP “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter.” Price sings about leaving her hometown to follow her musical dreams. While trying to make her dreams come true, she falls into some bad habits and problems. At the end of the song the girl wishes she could go back in time to her normal, simpler life.
  5. Muddy Magnolias: “Brother, What Happened”-“Broken People”: The duo of Muddy Magnolias has produced a new single “Brother, What Happened.” This song is available on their new EP called “Broken People.” The song is an anthem for people to stick up for themselves. In this song, Jessy Wilson and Kallie North, bring different types of sounds and genres including country music. I feel more and more country artists and groups are bringing in different music genres to make country sound new and unique.