BOOTS ON STAGE PRESENTS: Chaley Rose, Caleche Ryder, Jill & Julia, Katie Dix and Sophia Scott – Wed, Sept. 7


On September 7th, Boots on Stage had a showcase at The Hotel Café featuring up and coming female country artists. The lineup for this show included Caleche Ryder, Chaley Rose, Jill & Julia, Katie Dix and Sophia Scott. As I was heading to Los Angeles, I was excited to be checking out a new concert venue in Southern California. Since opening in 2000, The Hotel Cafe has featured famous musicians such as John Mayer, Adele, Sara Barellies and Katy Perry.

            The night started around 8 p.m. with sister duo Jill & Julia. Jill & Julia are from Las Vegas but currently reside in Los Angeles. During the show, they shared how they are enjoying their time in Los Angles and think it is really neat to play a live show on a weeknight. My favorite part of their performance was when they did covers of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” I like how country musicians can cover other genres of music and make it their own. I also had the privilege of meeting Jill and took the time to thank her for being part of my blog a couple weeks ago as an “Artist Spotlight” and “Q & A.” Jill was very happy that I introduced myself and came to see her and her sister play live. If you get a chance, check out their songs on Apple Music and Spotify. Make sure to like their social media pages, which feature some great live videos of the girls singing their own original songs.

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         The next performer of the night was Chaley Rose. Chaley Rose was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana. After high school, she graduated from Indiana University and then spent some time studying acting in New York. She is now living full time in Los Angeles. She is best known for her role as Zoey in the drama series Nashville. Chaley is truly making a name for herself in the television and music world. She has been playing many local concerts in California this past year. In 2016, I have already seen her perform twice. She has a small set at Boots on Stage’s pre-Stagecoach concert and she joined up and coming country artist, Tyler Rich, for a duet at the famous Troubadour. Each time I have seen her play she truly shows her talent and how grateful she is for all the accomplishments she has achieved so far in her career. I do not think this will be the last time LA or any other popular city will be graced with Chaley and her wonderful music. If you want find out any news about Chaley Rose then checkout her Instagram:(

            Following Chaley Rose was country female artist Katie Dix. Katie is from Bakersfield, California. She was introduced to country music by country legend Buck Owens. When Owens found out about her talent, he showcased her regularly at his venue, The Crystal Palace. Since Owens passing, Katie has made a name for herself as a country singer in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also takes many trips to Nashville to help her create songs that have a Cali-Nash vibe. A song that I enjoyed of hers was “Don’t Count the Stars.” I feel many young women can relate to this song. It is about how girls are hoping the boy they are dating is into them and they can see a happy ending in the future. If you want to find out more about Katie Dix, then checkout her Instagram: (https://www.instagram/katiedixmusic/). Her music is also available on (

            Sophia Scott was the next artist to play at the showcase. She is from Boulder, Colorado and currently living in Los Angles, California. She is a country and R&B singer-songwriter. My favorite performance of Sophia’s was when she did a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” This song is a hard one to cover, but I felt that Sophia made it her own and was proud many people in the auidence enjoyed it as well. If you want to find out more about Sophia Scott’s music and upcoming shows then checkout her Facebook: or her Instagram: (

            The last performer of the night was my new favorite country musician, Caleche Ryder. Caleche grew up riding horses in San Diego County, California. She then moved to Reno, Nevada where she became Miss Nevada in 2007. She is now living in Los Angeles with her husband and recording music. My favorite part of her performance was when she brought up all the other acts to cover Maren Morris’ “My Church.” I was also happy when she sang “West Coast Cowgirl.” “West Coast Cowgirl” is an anthem Caleche wrote for all SoCal girls who love and are proud of everything country. It was also nice to catch up with Caleche before and after her set. You could tell she was happy that her loyal fans came out to see her. I was also lucky enough to meet some of her family members who were very happy to hear how much I like Caleche’s music. If you are going to Route 91 in Las Vegas, be sure to check out Caleche’s set. If you want to find out more news about Caleche Ryder, visit her Instagram: or Twitter: ( Her music is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Lastly be sure to watch her music video for “West Coast Cowgirl” on Youtube: (

            This showcase was so much fun to watch. It was a real treat to see five up and coming female artists sing some great original and cover songs. I hope Boots on Stage and Ricky Abramson do many more showcases and concerts in the near future.

Sister: Nikki and Country Singer: Caleche Ryder!!



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