September 5th, 2016

Here are my favorite new country songs of the week!!

  • Ryan Follese, “Float Your Boat” (Ryan Follese EP): Ryan Follese brings a summertime feeling to his single “Float Your Boat.” The tune by this country newcomer praises beer drinking, wasting time and getting a good tan. This carefree song about being able to go with the flow was co-written by Follese. The song has been played on SiriusXM’s “The Highway”  and is available on iTunes and Spotify. Follese has also written a #1 pop song “Tonight, Tonight” for his pervious band Hot Chelle Rae. This seems likely as his father, Keith Follese, is a well-known country songwriter in Nashville. Ryan currently lives in Nashville where he is working on his first full-length album for Big Machine Records.
  • Lauren Alaina, “Road Less Traveled”: Lauren Alaina co-wrote her newest single with pop singers Meghan Trainor and Jesse Frasure.  This song tells the story of how the 21-year-old country artist has grown into a confident young female after battling many hardships in life. The up-beat song combines pop and rock with Alaina’s inspiring message to listeners who may be facing a challenge in their own lives. Alaina showcases a mantra of trusting yourself to be your own person and that it is ok to be different. 
  • Dylan Scott “My Girl” (Dylan Scott): Scott’s wife inspired his new single “My Girl”. In the lyrics we learn the things he loves about her, like the way she speaks to her mother on
    the phone and how she can rap to an Eminem song. I feel you can picture him singing this song with a big smile on his face. This song is very meaningful and well-written and it is definitely going to help Scott’s career grow even faster.
  • Seth Ennis “Woke Up In Nashville” (1st Single): Seth Ennis’ new single has been added to Spotify’s “New Music Friday Playlist” and Apple Music’s “Best Of The Week List”.  Many country musicians like Little Big Town, Laura Alaina and Cale Dodd showed their support for Ennis on their social media accounts. Nashville has given positive reviews about this single as well which has led many people to give the song a listen.
  • Parmalee “Roots” (Sophomore Album): Parmalee’s new song has a strong connection with the personal lives of each band member. This song showcases that a person cannot forget where they came from and the memories from their hometowns. According to the band’s lead singer, this song and many others will be available on their unnamed sophomore album due out later this year.

Music Video Links for each song!!

Dylan Scott “My Girl”:

Seth Ennis “Woke Up In Nashville”:

Parmalee “Roots”:

Lauren Alaina “Road Less Traveled”:

Ryan Follese “Float Your Boat”:



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