Jill and Julia



How is it being in a group together as sisters?

Jill: We get along really well, we have to! Being related actually has more advantages in the musical realm of things, it enables us to actually harmonize better and we pretty much have the same schedule so we can practice anytime we need to. Plus, the band won’t ever break up.


What has been your favorite memory so far in your music careers?

Jill: So far my favorite has been playing The Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas last year, that was a cool show. We shared the stage with Halsey and we were on the lineup with tons of talented artists that we really admire like Imagine Dragons, Brandon Flowers and Weezer to name a few.

Julia: I’d say Life Is Beautiful and Route 91 Harvest Festival were both highlights so far in our career but I also love opening for artists especially when they personally select you as the opener. That means a lot to us.  


If you guys were not singers, what do you guys think you would be?

Jill: I’d be a songwriter. Which we already are, but in the music industry they can be separate jobs from being an entertainer.

Julia: Jill would be a really good session musician, but I personally would be an A&R representative. I love discovering new music and being closer to the business side of the industry would be neat.


What has been one of your favorite songs to perform live?

Jill: Just Mad is a newer song that we recently wrote and recorded and it’s my favorite right now to perform live.  

Julia: Mine is always changing, but typically it’s the last song we wrote or the latest cover we have learned. I like seeing the crowd reaction for the first time and it gets your adrenaline going when you know you have never performed it live.


Who are your music idols?

Jill: Imagine Dragons.

Julia: Jack White because he’s a very well rounded musician, I admire his creativity and exploration of new concepts in writing.


Where do you guys see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

Jill: We’d like to be touring more and continuing to write more music that is unlike anything else out there.


If you could give advice to an up and coming musicians what would it be?

Jill: Learn to play at least one instrument well.

Julia: Play as many shows as you can, the venue doesn’t matter, and the crowd size doesn’t matter. The more you perform, the better you get.



Do you guys have any other plans in 2016?

Julia: We have a lot of shows booked that we are excited to announce for late 2016. Some of which are in venues, which we never even dreamed of playing so that’s pretty cool.


Are you excited to be heading to Las Vegas at the end of this month and be openers for Eric Pasley?


Jill: Definitely! This is our first show with Eric so we are excited to meet him and share the stage with him. Vegas always have such great energy and the venue is Brooklyn Bowl, which is an awesome space.



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