August 28, 2016

Top Favorite Songs of the Week: 

  1. Keith Urban “Blue Ain’t Your Color”: Urban newest song showcases some of the best lyrics of his career. It is poetry set to a moving country tune. The song is a reflection of where Urban is in his life and celebrates his successful 10-year marriage with wife, Nicole Kidman. This song is a reminder that Urban should be praised for his great guitar skills and lyrical artistry.
  2. Brett Eldredge “Wanna Be That Song”: Eldredge is using poetry in his country music as well. This is third single he has released from his album “Illinois.” He had the idea for this song before he appeared onstage at the Kansas Motor Speedway. This song is about life’s big moments. Eldredge also showcases how he has grown as a country artist and what he has given back to country music.
  3. Chris Young “Sober Saturday Night”: This song showcases the heartache, sadness and regret of breaking up with someone. Chris Young and Vince Gill form many great harmonies and they create a beautiful sound together. This song has a lot of emotions in it as well. The duet between Young and Gill may not have been expected but it does not sound bad at all.
  4. Jake Owen “Good Company”: “Good Company” is all about a day of relaxing and enjoying the good company of friends and family. This is a perfect summer tune for anyone who enjoys Owen’s music. This song has a great beat that fits right with his fun lyrics. This song would make a great soundtrack for any summer get-together.
  5. Stephanie Quayle “Drinking With Dolly”: “Drinking With Dolly” is a tribute to female country musicians. Many country fans that feel they were born in the wrong decade may relate to this song. This song offers fun lyrics while combining a smooth southern sound. This song will make you feel like you are living in a time period when you did not have to worry a lot.

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