August 22, 2o16


Top Favorite Songs of the Week: 

  1. Dolly Parton “I’m Sixteen” (Pure & Simple): Dolly Parton has been recording music for 49 years, she has earned 8 Grammys and has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Dolly’s 43rd studio album “Pure and Simple” has 10 wonderful stripped-down love tracks. On her new song “I’m Sixteen”, she sings of a lifelong love that makes her feel sixteen again. Also in this song the lyrics are sentimental,        sometimes child like. The main message of this song is how love keeps someone feeling forever young.
  2. Ryan Hurd “We Do Us” (First Single of All Time): Ryan Hurd is making a change from full-time songwriter to a solo artist. “We Do Us” is Hurd’s first single available on Spotify. The song’s main message is a person knows those moments when you and your lover feel like you are taking over the world, being a couple together. This song focuses on just being yourself and tackling life in your own way.
  3. Kelleigh Bannen “Cheap Sunglasses” (Cheap Sunglasses): The title track on Kelleigh Bannen “Sunglasses” is a bluesy track, in which Bannen sounds pure. The background of this song is a girl telling a guy that she is not going to be something that he just throws away. The girl is to good for him and needs to move on from him.
  4. Jordan Rager “Southern Boy” (New Single): Jordan Rager collaborated with country singer Jason Aldean with his new song “Southern Boy.” His new song debuted at Number 45 on the Billboard Country Chart. This song shares a story about losing somebody and not being sure how to get through the tragic event.
  5. Darius Rucker “If I Told You” (Southern Style): Darius Rucker’s new song “If I Told You”, off his new album “Southern Style”, tells the story of skeletons from his closet. Rucker also shares how he is in a relationship that is starting to get serious and asking if his lover can look past his faults.

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