Temecula Road: Q & A

Temecula Road:

1.How did you guys form your band and where did you get the name Temecula Road?

Emma: My sister and I have been singing together forever. Our vocal coach introduced us to Dawson and it just clicked. Our voices blended really well together and we started performing as a trio. Our dad came up with the name Temecula Road. We’re from Temecula, California and wanted our name to reflect our roots.

2.Which music artists or bands influenced each of you to become a musician?

Maddie: As soon as I saw Carrie Underwood on American Idol when I was four years old, I knew I wanted to be a singer. My parents played CMT in the house when we were growing up and I have always loved females with big voices like Carrie and Martina.

Emma: I remember listening to Taylor Swift’s first album and just picking up on different harmonies in her songs. Being able to hear those different parts and sing different harmonies made me want to do this.

Dawson: My mom went to a Brad Paisley concert when I was really young and he told a story about getting your kid a guitar. She went and bought me one right after and the rest is history.

3.I got to catch one of your Los Angeles show and you guys did wonderful as a opening act for Jessie James Decker, while on tour with Jessie did any of you learned anything from her, while on tour with her?

Maddie: She really helped us with our confidence. She told us to be fearless onstage. We learned a lot from just watching her.

4.What would you like people to know about Temecula Road?

Dawson: We would like people to know that we are like every other teenager. We’re pursuing what we love and we have a great time doing it.

5.What are your guys favorite songs to perform on stage when you are playing a show?

Emma: We love covering “My Church”, by Maren Morris right now. We love her album and we get a really good response from the crowd when we sing that one.

6.If you guys could do a duet with a musician or band whom would it be and why?

Maddie: Definitely Carrie. I would die.

Emma: Dan + Shay. I love their song and harmonies.

Dawson: Lady Antebellum. I’ve always looked up to them.

7.What do you guys do in your free time, when you are not busy with your music?

Maddie: I ‘m obsessed with makeup and love watching tutorials on YouTube. Also, Netflix. One Tree Hill and Friends are my favorites.

Emma: I love spending time and going on adventures with my boyfriend, Evan. And taking pictures.

Dawson: When I have free time, I like to hang out with friends. I am always up for a good time.

8.Where do you guys see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years in your music careers?

Maddie: We’ll hopefully have a lot of great music and be touring the world.

9.If you could give advice to future musicians what would it be?

Dawson: To follow your dreams and work hard. Don’t give up because you never know what is right around the corner.



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